Our Approach

Once you are a part of our client family, you are assigned a professional primary staff that will performs the services that we have been retained to conduct.   The staff member will be selected based on the skill set required, location, and temperament to meet your needs. In addition to the primary staff, we typically assign a secondary staff member that will be familiar with your services to meet your needs when the primary staff is not available for any reason. Professional staff are always managed by a CPA who has the additional qualifications to answer the more complex questions that you might have.

Communication is a two-way street, we believe that the more we know about our client’s business, the better we can help our clients achieve their financial goals. We also believe that our clients need to be informed about the different options available to them as they make financial decisions. When we communicate with our clients, we are committed to giving them accurate, clear, relevant and timely information. We provide honest, straightforward information to help our clients achieve their goals.